Cloud Automation

From the invention of cloud platform many enterprises had issues learning and adopting while keeping the cost low. The task associated with managing the infrastructure went exponential and there was a need to have a process to handled repetitive tasks. Cloud automation became the necessity to automate repetitive task.

Infrastructure as Code

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) has become the norm of managing the infrastructure in recent times. There are many tools in the market but terraform stands out the most. Our team have expert level Terraform Developers who can design and manage any infrastructure. Our team works with the client internal teams to design the custom IaC as per need while considering maximum security in place. Our experts have in-depth Terraform knowledge to handle multiple environments with a single code base while going through a DevOps approval process.

IaC Security with Policy as Code

Many companies are concerned with cloud resources not following the policies. Our terraform experts are hands-on on writing PaC Policy as a Code. With PaC, the environment will comply to security policies before they are provisioned. This gives security and executive team peace of mind and trust on the iaC process.

Terraform Cloud

We recommend Terraform Cloud as a Product by HashiCorp. Terraform Cloud creates an umbrella on the infrastructure state and provide robust security. Consider having a session or a demo on Terraform Cloud. We would be happy to guide you on securely integrate Terraform Cloud.

Terraform Vault & Venafi

Our team of expert have integrated Vault with Venafi to automate certificate renewal and monitoring process. This gives security added confidence and application teams to have reliability on the authentication and certificate renewal process.

Let us work together and create a IaC automation framework which will reduce complexity and remove repetitive task. If you want to schedule a session with us, please send us a message below and we will be happy to work with you.

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