Everyone wants to adopt container-based solutions and for obvious reasons. Container based solutions are scalable and reliable but do you know that containers have a lifetime and every container can crash. Therefore, there is a chance when contain will crash. Well, container-based orchestration solutions like K8S are design to handle the crashing of containers while keeping your application up and running. We provide hosting Kubernetes on-premises as well as on major cloud providers like Azure, AWS and Google. Using managed K8S solutions is a popular approach because you do not want to manage the patching and upgrading of clusters.

We provide automation approach to create Kubernetes clusters and associated resources. We use popular automation tools like Terraform & Ansible to setup a secure cluster. Besides cluster and node management, we setup logging, monitoring, alerting and budgeting to provide visibility and troubleshooting.

Let us work together and create a modern scalable and container-based solution. If you want to schedule a session with us, please send us a message below and we will be happy to work with you.

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